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Health & Safety

The health and safety of our trainees is a priority. We work with you to make the process of compliance easy and hassle free.

Companies with TTPL trainees must:

Abide by UK Health and Safety legislation by maintaining their Public and Employers’ Liability insurance cover.

Have a clear Health and Safety policy which is displayed in the work space.

Provide a Health and Safety checklist to TTPL as evidence of adherence to legislation.

Provide a full induction for the trainee that includes as a minimum:

  • Tour of the premises
  • Introduction to their direct supervisor, work colleagues and management structure
  • Explain the fire safety procedure, including exits, evacuation route and gathering point.
  • Demonstrate any personal protection clothing or equipment needed for the work placement tasks
  • Introduce any Health and Safety and First Aid personnel, identify location of First Aid Kit
  • Confirm hours of work, including rota systems if appropriate, rest breaks and lunch times
  • Introduce any essential policies, procedures or practices
  • Discuss main role and responsibilities and how the work placement fits into the company objectives
  • Complete any required paperwork
  • Any other instruction or training they may need to fulfil their role

Do contact us if you are unsure or want to talk through any health and safety aspects.