A Huge Variety
of Work Placements

About TTPL

TTPL was established by CEO Jayne Stroud in 1996, with the specific purpose of providing a safe environment for young people who undertake vocational programmes far away from family and friends.

For over 20 years we have successfully established a reputation for providing exceptional work experiences placements with a lively social programme. We encourage personal growth and cultural awareness whilst maximising individual employability opportunities.

For us, the focus is on the whole experience – quality learning, friendships made and experiences gained.

We work with many different businesses from small start-ups to multinational companies, across most sectors.
Currently we collaborate with over 60 partner organisations worldwide and are proud that some of these relationships are 16+ years old. Our partners can rely on us to provide the best experience possible with excellent personal service.

Over the last few years we have successfully hosted thousands of participants, providing paid and unpaid work placements, bespoke training and language study programmes. We have a database of over 400 homestays and 500 employers, which increases every year as we move into new sectors and expand across the South West.

Our experience extends to hosting funded programmes including Erasmus+, Leonardo Da Vinci Mobility, Transfer of Innovation, VETPRO, PONS and ECABO. We have extensive knowledge of European funding as both a hosting and sending organisation and fully understand the standards of care expected.