A Huge Variety
of Work Placements

Work Placements

We work with a fantastic selection of companies providing hundreds of work placements for trainees.

Sectors requested are growing each year but the most popular are engineering, tourism, environment, pharmaceutical, retail, administration, marketing, hospitality, architecture, IT and design. 

From carrying out one-off projects and market research to providing additional support, our trainees excel in a range of roles.

"A brilliant succession of bright vibrant students who have integrated and produced some great work and designs."  Big Wave Media

Benefits to you:

  • Exceptionally motivated trainees
  • Business growth
  • Tap into new markets with international trainees
  • Cultural diversity
  • Bring new ideas to your team
  • Often experts in technology and social media

Our success would not be possible without two things:

  1. The high quality of local employers who provide excellent work experience and commitment to our trainees.
  2. The high quality of trainees that are focused on their personal success and come to the UK to improve their English and future career prospects.

We are always on hand to assist employers with any issues that may arise. Trainees have a fully inclusive welfare package, with regular social meetings, 24/7 contact and high quality accommodation.

Our priority is making sure trainees and placement companies have a great experience. 

"The enjoyment/energy the students bring to the workplace and staff means we keep saying "yes" every time to a new student!"  Kents Cavern