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Health and safetyThe wellbeing of our participants is veryimportant to us. Companies we work with need to:1. Abide by UK Health and Safety legislation by maintaining Public and Employers Liability insurance coverage.2. Have a clear Health and Safety policy which is displayed within the work space.3. Provide a Health and Safety checklist to us as evidence of adherence to legislation.4. Provide a full induction that includes as a minimum:n A guided tour of the organisation premisesn Introduction to direct supervisor and work colleaguesn Introduce any essential policies, procedures or practicesn Con rm hours of work, including rota systems if appropriate, rest breaks and lunch timesn List of main tasks, responsibilities and limitsn Explanation of the management structuren Introduction to toilets and rest areas, including rules for making or paying for refreshmentsn Show the  re exists and  re evacuation route, external  re point meeting area and procedures, including any equipment such as  re extinguishers or blanketsn Demonstrate any personal protection clothing or equipment needed for the work placement tasksn Introduce any Health and Safety and First Aid personneln Show where the First Aid Kit is keptn What to do in the event of sickness or otherabsenceGive us a call today on 01803 321210 to  nd out more about our work • some of the many sectors we work in...n Accountancy n Administration n Architecture n Bakern Care Worker n Carpentryn Childcaren Dentistryn Ecologyn Educationn Engineering - CADn Engineering - Electricaln Engineering - Electronicsn Engineering - Telecomsn Engineering - Vehiclen Environmental Studiesn Financen Graphic Designn Health Caren Hospitalityn Human Resourcesn Import/Export/Foreign Trade n Information Technologyn Journalismn Laboratoryn Lawn Manufacturingn Marketingn Median Personneln Pharmaceuticaln Printingn Purchasingn Retailn Seamstressn Secretarialn Surveyorn Teachingn Tourismn Warehousen Web Designn Youth Workern ZoologyHOW IT WORKSTTPL Work Placements 5

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