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HOW IT WORKS4 TTPL Work PlacementsYour questions answered1. How much will this cost my business?Nothing. There is no charge to you.2. How will I bene t?You will gain from an additional team member with fresh ideas, brilliant skills and loads of enthusiasm.3. How good will their English be?Participants are expected to have a reasonable level of  uency and converse easily. Most will be very good.3. What work can they do?Appropriate and relevant projects and tasks, suitable to skill levels can be agreed in advance or daily tasks allocated during the placement.5. How long do they come for?Participants can be on a placement from 2 weeks to 6 months. This varies according to their needs.6. How do they get to work?Usually participants have a bus pass or are staying with a host family nearby.7. What if my participant is ill or has an accident?Please take immediate action according to company policy and inform us so that we can assist.8. Do my premises need to be checked?Yes, a member of The Training Partnership team will visit you to ensure the suitability of premises.9. What is the status of participants?They all hold an EU passport or valid study visa to be in the UK.10. What if my participant is unsuitable?In this unlikely event we will resolve the situation to the satisfaction of all parties.APPLICATION FORMS RECEIVED AT TTPLPARTICIPANT ARRIVES IN THE UKPLACEMENT UNDERTAKEN WITH EMPLOYERAPPLICANT MATCHED TO SUITABLE WORK PLACEMENTWELCOME MEETING AT TTPLEVALUATION / QUESTIONNAIRE COMPLETEDEMPLOYER CONFIRMS AVAILABILITY & PLACEMENT DETAILSPARTICIPANT ESCORTED TO PLACEMENT ON FIRST DAY OF WORKGOODBYES AND RETURN •

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