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WELCOME TO THE TRAINING PARTNERSHIPA testimonial“Work placements arranged through the Training Partnership are invaluable to the work of PaigntonZoo Environmental Park. Placements are co-ordinated through the education department and have involved students assisting with administrative tasks, designing on- site interpretation for visitors, helping with the provision of education sessions for children and assisting with the work of our Reserves Warden.“As well as experiencing a variety of activities and projects while they are with us, each student is provided with a key project, which they ‘own’ and work on throughout their placement. In this way, we have been able to complete projects that we do not have the on-going capacity for but which greatly aid our work, while the students have bene ted from involvement with real projects, often involving networking with a varietyof zoo staff members. Alongside this, it is wonderful to experience the increase in their con dence and English language skills.“Projects have included the production of a comprehensive archive of the hundreds of artefacts held within the education centre; design of zoo trail questions for a mobile app, now in production; establishing a signage database with a photograph, description and link to the appropriate content  le for every sign inthe zoo (of which there are over 1,000!); and working closely with Education Of cers, our on-site artist and education technician to design and produce interactive interpretation installations for an exciting new project illustrating how environmentally sustainable behaviours lead to biodiversity conservation.“We bene t so much from the increased capacity that The Training Partnership placements afford us and now have a growing network of young contacts across Europe, many of whom keep in touch - so we continue to learn how their experience at the zoo has helped their career progression too.”Lisa Stroud, Head of Education Paignton Zoo Environmental ParkGive us a call today on 01803 321210 or email us at to  nd out more about our work • www.ttpl-uk.com2 TTPL Work Placements

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