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Unpaid Work Experience Programme

We offer the highest quality full-time work placements across all sectors of industry. From administration and tourism, to mechanical engineering and technology, there are not many areas of business that we don’t work in.

We match participants to an employer by reviewing language level, experience and education. Career objectives and school requirements are considered and we monitor placements continuously to ensure participants and supervisors are satisfied. A minimum programme of 2 weeks is recommended.

“It was the perfect place to work for me and everyone was very kind and friendly. I really liked talking to the customers too.”

Riecke, Germany

"My company gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about a big multinational, about my department (Finance) and they have opened my mind and showed me different ways to work, and the most important, they bring me the opportunity to learn and improve my English." 

Miguel, Spain

Contact a team member for more information:

Vicky Cresser

European Programmes Manager