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We offer work placements in over 60 sectors and we explore new industries to suit the employment needs of each applicant.

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We are an expert in the field of vocational training and we pride ourselves on the high standard of unpaid work placements we offer across all sectors of industry.

Our dedicated work placement team is committed to managing and growing an exceptional portfolio of local employers to ensure that participants experience the highest level of training possible.

We talk to employers to determine the role that the participant can play within their company and then we decide if the trainee would be a good match.  This ensures we meet the needs of the individual and that the company gains maximum benefit from the experience.

After nearly 20 years of successfully placing participants into local companies we have learnt that it is very important that expectations of all parties are clear.  

We ask participants to complete a Europass CV and application form and also write a letter of motivation in English.   This allows us to establish the participants’ English language capability and their exact requirements and relay these to the potential employer to ensure a successful match.

Employers will monitor progress and complete evaluation paperwork as necessary for the success of your project.

"It isn't just what the students can learn from us...it is what we can also learn from them.  It's always fantastic seeing the students grow whilst they are with us."  Karen (Bay Advocates)