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Where will participants be placed?
All of our placements are placed in Devon in the areas of Torbay, Exeter and Plymouth.

How far is the nearest airport?
Exeter is approximately 40 minutes away, Bristol is less than 2 hours and London can be reached within 4.5 hours.

What is the accepted level of English?
In general most participants should have a good conversational level of English and understand instruction. B1 is our preferred minimum level.

Where will the participants live?
Participants are placed in host families or self-catering accommodation as near as possible to the Work Placement and always in short walking distance of local transport.

Will the student have a bus pass?
This depends on your programme budget. We are happy to organise local travel passes.

What if it doesn’t work out?
On very rare occasions a placement will not work out – in this instance if we cannot resolve the situation will change the placement and if necessary move participant to new accommodation.

How long is the placement?
Placements can range from 2 weeks to 6 months.  The choice is up to you and is usually budget dependent.

What working hours can participants expect?
We suggest normal, or close to normal, working days so between 09:00/10:00 and 16:00/17:00 for unpaid placements. For paid placements in hospitality, participants should expect to work mornings, afternoons or evenings, 7 days a week depending on the role.

Do the participants get time off?
Thursday afternoons are free for unpaid participants to attend the TTPL weekly social meeting. If participants require any further time off then they can arrange this with the placement.

What is the weekly social meeting?
Every week TTPL invites all participants to get involved in an activity locally so we can speak to everyone and check they are happy. More importantly, it is a chance for new friendships to be made and gives those who arrive on their own the opportunity to meet new people.

Will the participant need insurance?
All of our work placements have Employers Liability cover but individuals should arrive in the UK with personal liability and travel insurance.

How long does it take to find a placement?
We should receive the application forms no later than 8 weeks prior to arrival. It does not normally take this long but this gives us the best opportunity to find a great placement.

Do participants need a visa?
No, not if participants hold a European passport. For all others, a visa is required and this is a difficult and lengthy process.

Do you provide language training?
Yes we work with a local BC accredited school to offer General and Business classes.

When can participants arrive?
We recommend arriving at the weekend as we usually hold a Welcome Meeting on a Monday and then start work on Tuesday.

Do you complete the paperwork?
Yes we have a lot of experience completing the various paperwork for EU programmes and we are happy to assist.

Can I pay you at the end of the project?
No normally we ask for full payment before arrival. For Erasmus+ projects we will accept two instalments.

Contact a team member for more information:

Vicky Cresser

European Programmes Manager