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Provadis Partner fÜr Bildung & Beratung

How many years have you been in business?
More than 50 years.

What are you most proud about your organisation?
Our cooperative spirit, our wide range of vocational training programmes, although our institute is relatively small, we are well-known as a top of the mark vocational training institute.

How do you help students develop and learn new skills?
We offer vocational training at companies and additional lessons in the field of work at our premises. Besides classrooms for the lessons, we have labs, IT rooms and workshops where the students can gain practical skills.

Tell us about the students you work with-where do they live, what are they like, and what do they want to achieve from the work placements?
Our trainees come from the Frankfurt area, most of them come fresh from secondary school with O or A levels and have no work experience whatsoever; they want to improve their English skills and gain experience abroad.

How popular is the UK as a work placement destination?
Very popular.

When did you start working with TTPL?
Over 10 years ago.

Describe your relationship with TTPL?
TTPL finds accommodation and 3-week work placements for our vocational trainees.

What do you think of the range and quality of TTPL work placements?
Most of the work placements are interesting and the students are satisfied, in some rare cases the students remark that they didn't have enough to do, they didn't learn anything new or their work placement had little to do with their vocational training.

What do students tell you about their time with TTPL?
Students are very satisfied with TTPL's service.

What are the three best things about working with TTPL?
TTPL is very reliable, gives friendly service and is very people-oriented.