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FAIRbund e.V.

How many years have you been in business?
10, organizing exchange projects, for IVT, PLM and Vetpro, but also Comenius, Grundtvig and learning partnerships.

What are you most proud about your organisation?
Colleagues and bosses are helping the exchange department to develop and work in the different programmes.

How do you help participants develop and learn new skills?
Participants apply for stipends, are selected and then send to UK or other countries.

Tell us about the participants you work with - where do they live, what are they like, and what do they want to achieve from the work placements?
Participants which we send are very different, most important in the near future will be the Vetpro projects for educators. They are really interested in the educational sector of UK and how the teachers, kindergartens manage with "inclusion". Because we are in social work, this sector is also most interesting for our educational visits to UK.

When did you start working with TTPL?
10 years ago…

Describe your relationship with TTPL?
Good, I hope to continue working with TTPL, this year TTPL started sending participants from UK to Leipzig.

What do you think of the range and quality of TTPL work placements?
Most of the time my participants are very happy with the placements. Their main goal mostly is to improve their English. So hosting companies who are giving the participants the possibility to really use their English are very good. The open culture of hosting in England participants helps as well.

What do participants tell you about their time with TTPL?
They like it very much, they feel good treated and helped in most of the time, rarely I have someone unsatisfied...

What are the three best things about working with TTPL?
- Sending out the documents of participants and knowing that the programme will be fine for the participants.
- Good communication and information
- Nice persons to work with