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Albion International

How many years have you been in business?

What are you most proud about your organisation?
The number of outstanding Romanian students that we've helped to enter leading UK universities.

How do you help students develop and learn new skills?
By one-to-one support and coaching.

Tell us about the students you work with – where do they live, what are they like, and what do they want to achieve from the work placements?
Most want to stregthen their university applications by gaining relevent work experience in the UK.

How popular is the UK as a work placement destination?
It's becoming more popular as students hear about our partnership with TTPL.

When did you start working with TTPL?

Describe your relationship with TTPL?
Excellent in every possible way.

What do you think of the range and quality of TTPL work placements?

What do students tell you about their time with TTPL?
Lot's! how much they've enjoyed the placements, the opportunity to meet other students from different countries, being in Torbay and staying with the host families. one said her placement last summer was the best 4 weeks of her life! 

What are the three best things about working with TTPL?
Knowing that we have 100% confidence in the support  that ttpl offer our clients.
Great organisation - fast responses to our questions.
They provide life-changing experiences and opportunities for our clients.