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Speak Out, Level Up

A fun, innovative and English Speaking Board (International) Ltd. Level 2 accredited spoken English programme with video creation and gaming challenges.

Morning sessions are spent with our fantastic tutors, speaking English and having fun. We use multi-method teaching styles to encourage confident communication. These modules offer a Level 2 “Oral Skills for Interview” Award accredited by English Speaking Board (International) Ltd. It is a challenging course that builds confidence in English and helps prepare students for the world of work.

Afternoon sessions are at Tubers Video Creators Academy. A state of the art, non-formal learning environment dedicated to teaching young people to become proficient in video, animation and media technology.

Our programmes are designed exclusively for the international market. Challenging and innovative sessions embrace social interaction, citizenship and spoken English, whilst developing employability skills.

About Articulacy

Speak Out, Level Up has been developed in partnership with Articulacy, an inspirational group of qualified UK teachers, in association with ESB (English Speaking Board).


About Tubers

Tubers Video Creators Academy is the first UK organisation dedicated to teaching young people the skills needed to become experts in the field of video, live streaming, animation, technology and media production.

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Nadine Stroud

Business Development Director