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General English Plus

Language training on the English Riviera that can be combined with a variety of exciting options.

General English Language

General English lessons focus on speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar with a large emphasis on communication.

All students are tested on arrival, then placed in a suitable class and taught by qualified and friendly teachers. Classes are small with a maximum of 12 students per class to encourage lots of communication.

General English classes are held within the beautiful harbourside in Torquay. The school is accredited by The British Council for the teaching of English and has been established since 1996.

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General English Plus:


Cultural activities and gaming challenges that encourage leadership, problem solving, social interaction and citizenship.

Gaming sessions are held at Tubers, a bespoke gaming and video production academy with a wealth of the latest technology. Sessions include safety online, virtual reality challenges, live streaming and pc team tournaments.

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Video Production

Tubers Video Creators Academy is the first UK organisation dedicated to teaching young people the skills to become experts in the field of video, animation, technology and media production.

Students will learn a large variety of creative, communication and team skills in a state-of-the-art hi-tech environment.

Sessions include Camera Confidence, Studio Lighting and Audio Techniques, Planning and Shooting a Video, Editing Training, Film Making Skills and many more.

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This is an English Speaking Board (International) Ltd. Level 2 Award, in using Oral Skills for Interview.

The course focuses on Spoken English and Employability Skills using innovative teaching styles.

It is a challenging programme that will build confidence in English, encourage students to consider their futures and provide them with techniques to prepare them for work.

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