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Why accompanied visits are great for everyone

This week we’ve been out to our current group of 16 German participants with their teacher, Peter, to visit everyone in their work placement. Accompanied visits are a something we are happy to provide to every teacher/group leader and we’d like to highlight some of the benefits this brings:

Success stories

Feedback and updates are great, but there’s no better way to highlight how well somebody has succeeded in their work placement than seeing it first-hand. Whether that’s walking-in and seeing somebody busy interacting with a customer, or being shown a completed project, it’s a great way to highlight some of the great work our participants bring to their work placements.

Expectations for the future

Seeing a range of work placements is a good way of understanding what is expected from participants in terms of tasks, hours etc. This can be very beneficial to group leaders sending future participants and help with the application process.


Visiting every workplace makes paperwork easier as employers are on hand to provide feedback and sign any necessary documents the participant needs to complete.

We can learn

Visiting work placements and talking with participants about their experience gives us chance to ‘iron-out’ any small elements that can be tweaked for future participants. This can be things like bus routes, what to bring etc.

It’s straightforward

Taking out the element of who, what and where leaves more time with participants, ensures the right people are seen at the right time and means many workplaces can be visited in the space of a day.