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Where will you be this summer?

In the middle of winter, it may seem strange talking about summer plans, but if you’re a student and have a summer break to think about or even graduating, here are some of our Global Programme opportunities that are available to UK students and graduates this summer:

Be a ‘Language Buddy’ and improve your French/Italian

The Language Buddy programme offers the opportunity for participants to become a conversation friend to a local family while sharing their everyday life. Participants stay with a volunteer host family who provides them with full board and a single room in exchange for their conversations with a family member. The programme is available in France and Italy.

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Work and travel Australia

Live the dream and work and travel across a vast country making friends, learning new skills and embracing Australian culture. The programme includes agricultural training and preparation, along with guaranteed paid work.

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Discover Iceland working in hospitality

Iceland is a unique and incredible country and we offer paid placements working in hospitality. With high season being April – September, the summer months are an ideal time to take the opportunity (minimum stay 3 months).

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Work a harvest season in Canada

Learn new farming techniques, get to know a family and explore an enormous and beautiful country with a quality exchange opportunity for young people. A 3 month programme (starting August) is ideal to work and experience the harvest season.

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