Welcome 2019 participants!

As we roll in to the new year, we’re excited to be welcoming our first new 2019 participants this weekend. Our first group will be 22 students from Croatia, working in the area of administration and marketing in companies across South Devon. We’ve welcomed a great selection of previous groups from Croatia and look forward to having the new group with us!

In addition to our Croatian group, we’re also happy to be welcoming groups from Ireland, Portugal and Germany in January. This will be the third year we’ve welcomed students from the Cavan Institute in Ireland and this time participants will be working in a variety of placements including hairdressing and healthcare. Our Portuguese group will be spending 3 months in England, working mainly in the area of multimedia and in January we’ll also be joined by the Theodor-Mommsen-Schule group from Germany, that we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming for a number of years.

Whether a returning/new group or individual, we can’t wait for you to join us as we go full steam ahead into 2019!