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Travelling far and wide – an update on global agriculture programmes

In recent months, we’ve been building momentum in providing opportunities around the world in agriculture. From attending agricultural fairs at the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester, to a new partnership with the National Federation of Young Farmers Club’s, the aim is to provide incredible experiences around the world for UK agriculture students and workers.

We currently have agricultural programmes available in ten countries, some of which offer not only new experiences in agriculture, but a completely different experience of a totally new culture. Here are two examples of placements in interesting locations that two of our participants are currently experiencing:

Placement 1

Location: Japan

Area of agriculture: Horticulture

Duration: 1 year

Our programmes in Japan are run in partnership with the Japan Agricultural Exchange Council and in addition to the work placement a week of lectures are held upon arrival Tokyo, for all participants undertaking the programme.

The work placement then follows – an opportunity to learn and gain knowledge of Japanese horticulture by working and experiencing the day-to-day running of the farm. Our current participant is placed with one of the most successful organic farmers in Japan and being situated ‘off the beaten track’, the placement is also a huge cultural experience!

Placement 2

Location: Iceland

Area of agriculture: Livestock

Duration: Summer (4 months)

Agriculture placements in Iceland are often with smaller-scale family run farms in rural parts of the beautiful Scandinavian country. This farm has cows, sheep and horses and is based in the Blonduos area in the north of Iceland. The work involves all aspects of the running of the farm and is a great opportunity to experience the unique country, by living on the land amongst Icelanders.

Over the coming weeks, we hope to provide updates from our participants in Iceland and Japan, if you’d like to keep up to date, please visit our global programmes Facebook page, The Training Parntership Global