Tiphaine and Nikola on their working experience in England

We have lots of sad farewells this weekend - among those departing are French student Tiphaine and Croatian student Nikola who have both been working in our office. We'd like to say a big thanks for all the help at such a busy time of year. Both Tiphaine and Nikola have kindly shared some more about their experience below, and as France play Croatia in the World Cup Final this weekend, all that's left to say is may the best team win!


On the day of my departure I woke up at 5 am to take the Ferry from Roscoff to Plymouth, then got on a train and finally arrived in Torquay train station where my host family gave me a warm welcome. She drove me all around the city to give me a little tour and then I went to my new home and met the other trainees. She always made sure I was feeling well during my journey here.

Working for TTPL is a dream job. There’s coffee and tea every day long, always a cake or few chocolates to eat, the staff is always really lovely, and their director, Nadine, gives the best hugs. I turned 23 on a Monday at TTPL and was happy to share my cake with everyone.

If I had to look back at the eight weeks I have spent in England, I would say that I never felt more confident, accomplished and myself than ever.. I felt like I could be my most authentic self here because I could express myself through fashion and speak my mind with more confidence. I fell in love with this country and am considering to, maybe, live here after I obtain my diploma. To sum it up, I woke up every morning and told myself “Girl, you’re lucky enough to be in England, make the best out of it!”


The Journey

In Germany all trainees in my company gets the offer 1. To visit England or 2. To visit France.

I decided to visit the beautiful Torbay.  At the Airport in Frankfurt I was a little bit scared about the thought to fly in a Plane! But the anxiety was unnecessary, everything went well.

After the 5 hour journey to Torquay our Hosts came to pick up me and my friends.

The Welcome Meeting

On Monday at 2 pm. All new trainees came to the TTPL, we were a big group, 46 trainees and we learned how life is in England and how to behave in the host family.

The first day at my new workplace

On my first Day in the Training Partnership, I was received in a friendly manner and Gemma Introduced me to all the other TTPL members  and made a tour with me through the whole building, and showed me where the kitchen is, where the toilets, Emergency exits are and so on. Afterwards I had to read an information sheet that contains important private information of the work.

I felt a little bit daunted on the first day, but you get used to it after a short time.

Free time in Torbay

We went every Thursday to a new experience organised by TTPL for example the Splashdown waterpark it was an very funny and cool Day, and we watched the World Cup (Croatia) and we went out to play Basketball every evening, We went to the Beach sometimes and a lot of more.

My Opinion  

I am very happy about this possibility and very very thankful to all members from TTPL, I would wish to stay again 3 weeks here but all the best goes to the end unfortunately.