The weather in Devon: what to expect

It’s a topic that everyone loves to discuss in England: the weather! We are perhaps most famous for lots of rain but this year has seen everything from snow storms to weeks of hot sunshine. In the last week alone we have had relentless heavy rain, followed by days of clear blue skies. If you’re wondering what to pack, here are some common questions answered…

Does it always rain?

Whether visiting in spring, summer, autumn or winter, it’s always best to pack a raincoat as even on the sunniest of days, rain may be just around the corner. It’s not often that we get torrential rain but ‘drizzle’ (light rain) is common.

Is the English Riviera hotter than the rest of the UK?

Torbay is known as the ‘English Riviera’ and is a popular holiday destination. There are many great beaches in the area and the summer can be surprisingly hot. Spending a day on the beach may not be something associated with a trip to England but is definitely possible - although swimming in the sea is always ‘refreshing’!

Does it snow in the winter?

In the winter months snow is possible. This is usually on higher ground such as Dartmoor National Park, is not very common and rarely stays on the ground. However, back in March this year, two periods of heavy snow hit the area and produced some of the snowiest conditions we’ve seen in the area for many years!

Does the weather change every five minutes?

This is largely true – be sure to pack for every weather condition, especially in spring or autumn when weather can change from cold, hot, dry, wet and everything in between in the space of a day!