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The benefits of being a Host Family

Host Families are key to making our participants’ experience comfortable, enjoyable and memorable. We are always looking for potential host families in Torbay, Exeter and surrounding areas – here are some benefits to welcoming our European trainees to your home:

Meet new people from different cultures

It’s fantastic to hear stories and see long-term friendships develop between hosts and participants. We’ve had students and hosts stay in touch for years, hosts visiting students in their own country and even attend weddings.

“I still have contact with my very first student from TTPL 9 years ago, we became very good friends. I attended her wedding in Cadiz, Spain and she returned to England to attend mine. She now has a little girl who I hope will come to England one day.”

Jo, Torquay

Our trainees are adults not youngsters

Our students are usually aged over 18, so are adults in their own right. This means that participants are more independent and do not need 24 hour monitoring.

Our participants are here year round

The summer months are the busiest for us, but unlike other organisations, we host students throughout the year.

Introduce your children to new languages

All our trainees have a good level of English and we are frequently amazed by our participants’ grasp of the English language. Having new languages & cultures can be a great benefit to the household.

Hosting suits different lifestyles

We take students on self-catering, half-board and full-board options, giving a variety of options to suit different types of people including single parents, families and working couples.

If you think hosting could be for you or know of anyone that would be interested in welcoming foreign students, we’d like to hear from you. stays can vary from 3 weeks to 6 months and we offer competitive rates for hosting students. we're currently looking for more self-catering hosts in Torbay specifically.

Click here to view our Host Family Guide containing more information on hosting with us. If you would like to enquire, please contact