Stop. Collaborate. & Listen.

Stop. Collaborate. & Listen.

I don’t write blogs. I never make the time and I can’t seem to corral my thoughts into submission long enough to make coherent sentences. Sometimes though, it has to be done.

The kindness and generosity of people has blown me away and I need to express my gratitude... publicly.

We collaborate with a LOT of local businesses every day. We’ve got 400 active employers and we are grateful for every last one of them. In the last few weeks though, organisations in Torbay & Exeter have gone above and beyond to support our Erasmus and participants; sharing their time, energy and expertise with visiting students, teachers, managers and counsellors.

See, here’s the thing, we don’t just provide superior work experience opportunities for EU vocational students, we also organise study visits for educational professionals who want to learn about their industry in another country. This is hard to organise and we ask for a LOT of favours! A lot. But, it is so beneficial and there are lots of you out there that get it. You understand the power of collaboration, sharing what you know and learning from others. Right now, the world needs more collaboration, more listening, more empathy and more learning of different cultures. So… I want to take the time to say a heartfelt thank you to some people.

Play Torbay! You gave us 3 hours of sheer joy and even threw in food too. You guys are awesome and the work you do literally changes lives!

Young Devon, amazing! The knowledge you shared over coffee and cake was so worthwhile and such an eye opener. 70 years of supporting young people, who knew!!

Exeter College. Erica Drew at The Business School, thank you for always coming through for me and I will always reciprocate – so great to meet your level 5 students.

Cranbrock School – what a place to learn in! Staff were enthusiastic, visionary, and so willing to give their time. We are so grateful to you all, thank you!

Ipplepen School was a revelation, the children and staff are so happy and ready to share what they know. We loved our visit.

Articulacy, you are, of course, amazing! As always, I haven’t met a more engaging speaker than Julia Ward and Ben Shephard was the perfect Robin to her Batman (if you know what I mean).

Dots Pantry gave us their amazing Cream Tea’s and John took time out of his busy day to talk about business in the bay and on the high street.

Neil Finnie at Corkscrew had my Dutch group so fired up with enthusiasm after his training that he scored 5/5 from ALL 24 students.

Tubers gave us use of their phenomenal space and equipment and created an awesome video.

Kaplan too gave us their space and even a caretaker to look after us! Thank you Malcolm!

And finally, my Dragons, my fiery Dragons. You were on Fire! (see what I did there - sorry). Thank you for giving us your Friday afternoon, for being so engaged, for sharing your expertise and for inspiring the next generation; Flossy & Jim, Richard Purkiss, Maddison Turvey, Sara Cain, Monkeys Paw and of course the inimitable Frank Sobey. We hope you enjoy our thank you gesture (in the form of marshmallows obviously) as much as we enjoyed your company! 

It has been a humbling experience to see so many people collaborating freely and with the objective of nothing more than sharing what they know. 2019 has truly started with a bang and I am so very grateful to every one of you!



Business Development Director