Reunions, visits and continued friendships

Every year, we welcome hundreds of inspirational young people from across Europe to South Devon. During that time, friendships blossom between fellow participants, along with host families and work placements. But before you know it, the experience is over, and people go their separate ways. That’s why it’s so lovely to see hear of reunions between students across Europe and even see former participants returning to South Devon to catch-up with people and spend some more time in the area! Here are a few stories from this year:

Linda and Daniel

Linda, from Germany and Daniel, from Portugal, met in Devon back in 2017, became a couple and have been together since! Daniel has been to Germany, Linda to Portugal and for a meet-up earlier this year, they chose Torquay as the meeting place to rekindle memories!


Back in July, 2017 participant Johanna took a trip back to the bay to spend some time with her host, revisit her favourite places and in the process make new friends (current students also staying with the host). Johanna also surprised us by appearing at a weekly meeting, which made us smile!

Sina and the ‘class of 2018’

Some great friendships developed towards the end of 2018 between a handful of individual participants and it was fantastic to see a reunion of five take place this summer in Germany! One of the five, Sina, also revisited Devon recently and it was great to catch-up!

We love to hear how people have progressed, along with reunions and visits. If you’re a former participant with a story, we’d love to hear from you: