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Reflection on a new partneship

Last week we said goodbye to 10 fantastic participants from Lichtenstein. It was a new partnership that we were excited about and it was a pleasure having the group with us.

The group are currently apprentices in Lichtenstein in sectors ranging from Laboratory to IT Administration. Every participant undertook a week’s language training, before starting a 2 week work placement.

One of the group participants, Noah, sent some lovely feedback about his experience that we’d like to share:

“I’m back in my hometown and I can look back at a great time in England. I enjoyed every single day because every day brought me a new challenge so they all made me stronger and filled me up with self-confidence to my further life. I didn’t take it for granted that every one of you gave me the chance to have such a great time and I really appreciate that. In that case: THANK YOU to make my journey possible and my smile a little brighter.”

During the three weeks, it was also good to welcome group leaders Silvia and Michael from The Office of Vocational Training and Career Counseling (ABB). The organisation enables apprentices and young professionals to gain work experience during a placement abroad, to experience foreign countries and cultures and, where appropriate, to deepen their knowledge of foreign languages.

Silvia had this to say about the programme: “The apprentices grew together as a group. During the three weeks in England they were able to gain more self-confidence and improve their foreign language skills. They all think it's a great project.”

We wish every participant from the group all the very best for the future and hope everyone involved had a fantastic experience here in Devon.