Maja reflects on being part of a new project

Two weeks have flashed by and we find ourselves already saying goodbye to a fantastic new group of participants. The 23 students joined us from Ekonomska Skola Pozega (ESP), an economic school in the east of Croatia and have undertaken work experience here in Devon. We’ve been amazed by the commitment, attitude and positivity these young people have brought with them and it’s truly been a real pleasure. It was also great to have Maja from the group working with us in the office – some top work! Maja has kindly shared her story below...

First of all, I want to introduce myself. My name is Maja, from Croatia, more precisely from the small town of Pozega. I’m going to the Pozega Secondary School of Economcis. I’m going to 4th grade, learning to be an Administrative Officer.

When the school launched the Step Forward project, I did not want to sign-up. I thought I was not good enough for this project. I also did not want to get separated from my friends and family. Two weeks is still a long time. Still, my family and the professors persuaded me to apply. And now I do not regret that I came. Beautiful experiences.

We went on January 5th. Honestly, I never flew on a plane and I was a bit afraid of flying. Yet it all went fine. Another new experience.

On the first day, we were greeted by a TTPL employee and the person who provided us with accommodation. The host family welcomed us. They are always ready to help. They showed us places to visit during our stay.

On the first day at work, they showed me the structure of TTPL and how they operate. TTPL employees are friendly. They never have a problem explaining what to do or repeat it. A wonderful experience.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays we had group meetings. The first Thursday we went bowling. I never bowled before and I really liked it. Another new experience. The second Thursday we went to Kents Cavern.

My stay in England has gone better than expected. This is a great way to get to know the new culture, people and the difference in doing business. As I have already said, people are friendly and Torquay is a beautiful place. I did not regret anything and happy that I came here. Thanks to my Economic School Pozega, which has enabled this wonderful experience. I also want to thank TTPL employees who are also responsible for my stay in Torquay and the host family.