Putting artistic skills to practice

We wanted to share a story of one student’s fantastic art and craft skills shown while on work placement. Magnus is currently in the middle of a two week placement at a makers' studio and gallery in the heart of Brixham.

We first noticed Magnus and his work on the shop’s Facebook page. The project was an ombré shelf unit. The technique isn’t easy so we were amazed when we saw the finished piece – especially when we were told this was the first time Magnus attempted this style!

This week, we had the chance to visit Magnus with a visiting teacher and it was fantastic to see more work in creation. Earlier in the week, Magnus took part in a painting workshop and what he made was liked so much by one of the other attendees, that he was commissioned to create another!

We’re delighted to see such great work come out of a three week placement and privileged to have such talented participants and work placements that offer such incredible experiences.