Positive news surrounding Erasmus+ successor programme in the UK

In May, the European Commission published proposals for the 2021-2027 Erasmus+ successor scheme, announcing plans to double available funding to €30 billion. For 30+ years, the Erasmus programme has provided incredible opportunities to over 9 million people, providing a chance to study, train, volunteer or gain professional experience abroad.

Last week the UK government released a statement, revealing very positive intentions surrounding the Erasmus+ successor programme:

“The Government has said that UK participation in the successor programme will form part of negotiations to come about our future relationship with the EU, and that it welcomes the proposals for the 2021-2027 successor scheme to Erasmus+, and will consider these carefully and participate in discussions on them while we remain in the EU.

“The Prime Minister said in her Mansion House speech on 2 March, ‘There are many other areas where the UK and EU economies are closely linked – including education and culture’. And we will continue to take part in specific policies and programmes which are greatly to the UK and the EU’s joint advantage, such as those that promote science, education and culture.

“The PM also stated that the UK is committed to establishing a far-reaching science and innovation pact with the EU and it would take a similar approach to educational and cultural programmes to promote our shared values and enhance our intellectual strength in the world, making an ongoing contribution to cover our fair share of the costs involved. This would enable the UK to participate in key programmes alongside our EU partners.”