One month in Torbay - Elettra’s blog

For the last month, we've been joined by eight lovely students from Scuola Centrale Formazionein Italy. One of the students, Elettra, has been working with us at TTPL and has kindly wrtitten a blog about her experience...

Hi! My name is Elettra, I’m from Jesolo in Italy and I am going to 4th grade in High School, learning to be an Administrative Officer.

I always wanted to do an experience like this (stay in another Country and live there for a while), so when my school told us about this project I immediately said YES! My parents were really happy for me because this is an opportunity that can come once in a lifetime.

I stayed in Torquay for 4 weeks. To be honest I would never thought that UK can be so beautiful, this city really changes my mind!

We went on March 23rd. The day after we went to TTPL in the afternoon and there were Debra and Jo that introduced us about what we were going to do, to live. They also explained us some laws.

On the first day of work they showed me the structure and how they operate.

We had meetings twice a week, every Tuesday and every Thursday. The first was in Thursday and we went to Living Coast; personally I don’t like zoos but I enjoyed that one because some of the animals are in open spaces and quite free to move around.

The second Thursday we went to the cinema to see “Dumbo” the new live action of Disney, really good film and fortunately for me not so sad as I read the day before.

The next Thursday they organized to go to Cockington, but me and my classmates we had already been there, so we stayed in the city with our teacher and went to Kents Cavern.

The last Thursday we had an Easter Treasure Hunt!

The employees at TTPL are very nice and friendly, we had laughs, joked, but also worked together. I really had a beautiful time with them!

The same is for my Host Family, really special people live there.

I am so sad that is finish, I hope I can have experiences like this again.