Johanna’s two weeks in Torbay

Over the last two weeks, we've been joined in the office by Johanna from Germany. It's a busy time in the office, so Johanna has been a great help and also kindly written a blog about her experience. The blog hasn't been edited in any way at all - a testament to Johanna's brilliant language skills!

I’m Johanna, a sixteen year old student from Germany.

I had the great opportunity to spend two weeks in Torquay to pass a work placement in an English speaking country. I have to mention that I’ve always been fascinated by England – I really felt in love with London which I was able to visit a year ago.

So I was very happy about the unique chance to gain that kind of work experiences during a work placement in the TTPL office.

I arrived in the small group of six students from my school in the middle of the night, so there was no time to get nervous for my first workday – which would have been absolutely not needed. I was comfortable with the atmosphere, the procedures and the tasks since day one.

Of course I trained my English skills during my working time but I also developed my organisation skills, my stamina, my scheduling skills and social skills. Besides that I gained the important experience of an amazing organised office on an everyday basis.

I also really liked my host family which I shared with a friend of mine and students from other countries.

We also took part in different activities on Tuesdays and Thursdays, especially the bowling was fun.

At the weekend my friends and I explored Torquay and the awesome city Exeter.

Certainly we had to try typical English food and traditions like cream tea or fish and chips which we really enjoyed.

Furthermore, I have to mention the surprisingly undulating landscape and the beautiful cliff in Babbacombe where we were able to trace the stunning (and a bit corny) sunset.

All in all, I have to say that the last two weeks turned out so amazing and I’m startled how time flies!

I am sure I’ll visit England again because the great experiences will stay in my mind.