Is gaming good for you? The educational advantages of gaming

This year we launched a new programme combining general English lessons with gaming challenges that encourage leadership, problem-solving, social interaction and citizenship. Gaming continues to grow in popularity – with the likes of gaming degrees and high-paying esports tournaments making headlines recently.

Why gaming?

  • Gaming activities are effective for all ages and levels of English

  • Popularity in gaming has rocketed in recent years and appeals to different audiences

  • A new and unique English language programme 

Is gaming good for you? Educational advantages of gaming...

  • Gaming has become a highly social activity and promotes teamwork, communication and interpersonal skills

  • Games improve critical thinking skills and creative problem-solving

  • Gaming is a great way to interest people in technology from a young age and develops technical skills that could be applied in the working world

Our new General English Plus programmes can include Gaming, Video Production and Employability – find out more about these programmes here.