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How European Students can boost your business

In the last four years, over 4000 European students have completed a work placement in South Devon through TTPL. For our students, the programme is a chance to gain practical experience, improve language skills and enjoy a life-changing opportunity that’s a huge boost to any CV.

The programme is a ‘win-win’ as highly-motivated and enthusiastic students can be a great benefit to the workplace. Here are some reasons why:

  • Gain from an additional team member with relevant skills and loads of enthusiasm.
  • Bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to your team
  • Up-to-date skills – e.g. software/social media
  • Cultural diversity


Who can benefit?

We work with many different businesses from small start-ups to multinational companies, across most sectors in the South Devon area. Do you have an idea for a project? The need for a skill? Some help in your office? We’d like to talk! For more information on becoming a Work Placement Provider, please contact: