Halfway Point: Giacomo’s Work Experience Adventure in Torbay so far!

Since July, we’ve been lucky enough to have Italian student, Giacomo, undergo his work experience with us here in the TTPL office. Tasked with a variety of administative and marketing roles, he has been an incredible help in the office and it’s quite hard to imagine office life without him! With us until October, as Giacomo reaches the half-way point of his work experience programme, he reflects on his experience thus far and the things he's learned along the way...

Good morning to everybody, I want to introduce myself. My name is Giacomo, I am 19 years old, I am from Italy and I just passed the middle of my experience in Torbay, so I would like to tell you something about it. I am in that period of the life in which almost everyone is supposed to decide what to do in his life, because I have finished my college this year. Every person lives this period in his way, someone decides to go to the University, someone else tries to work or leaves to see the world. As for myself, I needed to find who I am, so I have decided to put myself out there, exit my comfort zone and start something I have not done before in my life. It consists in working abroad by speaking, writing and reading in a language is not your main one. I have left with the suitcase full of clothes and my heart full of good intentions and I arrived in Torquay to have 3 months experiencing a new lifestyle, a new country and a different culture from mine.

I used to go abroad to visit cities but just for a week, I was scared by this new long challenge, but more than a person said me this would be something that would change me and make me grow. These words seemed polite shop talk to me, I did not imagine they were right. The first thing you notice when you step into the UK it is that everything is different, starting from the way the cars travels. It has been quite shocking the first impact but immediately TTPL helps you. As you arrive in your new house, they provide you with a welcome pack in which you can find all the information a person could need for his stay, and you feel the connection they have with the host family, which is always available for everything and is always looking for your wellness and for your happiness.

The next day they prepare a meeting for you and the other new arrivals and this makes you understand what I was saying before: you are the priority. I have the opportunity to work with them in their office and they have always treated me as one of them, trusting me for every task and asking me frequently for my opinion. This is not something obvious, so it’s appreciated.

Torbay’s area is amazing. In the summer you can make the most of it. I am glad of have chosen this place instead of another. There are some landscapes I have seen here I will never forget, and trust me, even after a month and a half there are still tens of new things to do and places to visit. I have also met lots of lovely people, some of them will be always in my heart, I did not imagine there would have been such a beautiful friendship with some of them. Most of the moments we have shared together have been incredible, and it is surprising how easily you discover people from your age are not so different from you even if they live in another country.

To be honest with you in this experience you will face some difficult moments too, but TTPL and the host family are always supporting you and trying to make you feel at home. In these challenging days you discover what are the most important things for you, which people you can not live without and that some of your certainties perhaps cannot be defined as such. In my opinion everyone should have the possibility to face himself, it is something underrated now, but it is very useful to become a better person. This experience gives you the possibility to do it.

Now I am only in the middle of this experience but there’s something I would like to say. You can not remain the same person as you were before to leave, even if you would like to. This place, this time here, this experience changes you. You will become more responsible, more attentive on what is going on around you, more empathic and you will even discover that clothes don’t wash themselves! Apart of the jokes please, get yourself a gift and change your life by doing this experience with the TTPL. You will never regret it; I can assure you of that.

I have left with my heart full of good intentions and I am sure I will come back with lots of good memories and renewed energy and awareness to face my future.

As we say in Italy, Buon Viaggio!