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Global programmes - five ways to work and see the world

Our Global Programmes offer a variety of ways to experience life in another country, providing work opportunities that offer a deeper insight into a new culture, while also gaining valuable life skills. From a harvest season in Canada, to teaching English in an Italian school, Programmes are varied – here are five unique experiences we currently have available:

Work and travel Australia

Live the dream and work and travel across a vast country making friends, learning new skills and embracing Australian culture. The programme includes agricultural training and preparation, along with guaranteed paid work.

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Work a harvest season in Canada

Learn new farming techniques, get to know a family and explore an enormous and beautiful country with a quality exchange opportunity for young people. A 3 month programme (starting August) is ideal to work and experience the harvest season.

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Be a ‘Language Buddy’ and improve your French

The Language Buddy programme offers the opportunity for participants to become a conversation friend to a local family while sharing their everyday life. Participants stay with a volunteer host family who provides them with full board and a single room in exchange for their conversations with a family member.

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Teach English in Italy and immerse yourself in the culture

A fantastic 12 week programme developed in conjunction with the Italian Ministry of Education to improve the language skills of its young people. Participants work within a primary or secondary school as a teaching assistant, while living with a host family.

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Work with horses in Ireland

Ireland’s horse industry is famous throughout the world and work placements range from stud farms with many employees through to small family yards, riding schools, and families who breed, train their own young stock, and compete locally. This makes it a perfect destination for anyone looking for equine experience. 

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