Best burger in Exeter? Fabian’s top five

The City of Exeter has many fantastic features, from it’s ancient gothic cathedral to the rich history and culture of the quayside. In recent years, it’s also become home to a growing number of… burger restaurants. The choice is ever-growing and we needed answers on the best burgers available. Luckily, recent student Fabian, was living in the city for 17 weeks and soon became an Exeter burger guru! Many thanks to Fabian for revealing his definitive list of the finest Exeter burgers money can buy…

Hi I am Fabian from Germany and this is my blog about my adventure finding the best burger in Exeter. In my 17 week journey I ate about 30 burgers.

Every Tuesday there is a TTPL meeting to meet new people and plan trips for the week with other students. At these meeting I ate a lot of burgers. So after a while I came up with the idea to make a list about the best ones.

First I have to explain that you can get food in almost every pub in Exeter. That is different to Germany, there you don’t get food in pubs. The burgers in the pubs are actually quite good. And for the people who question if I really tried that many burgers… i even ate one at the old firehouse. What? You didn’t know that you can eat a burger at this famous temple of pizza? You can get a burger there. And it is good but, although it is not good enough to be in my top five list. By the way I just want to say I am on a TTPL list of people who eat a whole pizza at the firehouse by themselves.

But back to my list. It is important to know that I don’t like… hate… tomatoes and I have no idea how people can actually like these red, mushy balls. You guys are weird. So all burgers on the list are without tomatoes.

I did not actually write a list and from the burgers I can only remember the five best.

On place five is the “dirty chilli cheese burger” at the White Hart Inn. To be honest, when I read “chilli” I thought about the spice hot chilli peppers and not about the chilli with beans and all. But luckily, I didn’t know and ordered one. I can not really say why I liked that burger so much, but it is a good one. It has pulled pork on it, so it has to be good. The white Hart Inn is probably one of the best pubs in Exeter. Definitely worth visiting.

On the fourth place is the “smoking cow burger” at Meat59. Meat59 has table service, that’s why I call it a restaurant. Meat59 is busy at the weekend and more expensive than the pubs. But when you go there for lunch you will get a special offer and it will be way cheaper. Some people will say that meat59 is the best burger place in Exeter. I had two burgers there. The “smoking cow” and the “meat59”. The “raging bull” is supposed be good as well. For me the “meat59” has too much meat on it, but the “smoking cow” is really good. If I would also rate the sides, Meat59 would be higher on my list. These rosemary fries are from another world. Meat59 is not in the centre of Exeter but it is worth the journey.

I found the next place through a Tuesday meeting. The Puerto Lounge. The “Hero burger” is waiting for you, or for the people who like it a bit bigger, the “superhero burger”. The “hero burger” has such a good sauce on it that it could secure the spot number three on my list. I have no idea about cooking or in ingredients so I am sorry that I can´t tell you what is in that sauce, but just go there and try the “hero burger”. The Puerto lounge is a really nice place. If the weather is good you can sit on the terrace and look down on the river.

On place number one and two are two burgers from Hubbox. Hubbox is also a restaurant and the most expensive place on my list. But it has the best burgers. On the second place is the  “Hub Burger”, an extremely good bacon burger.

And on the glorious first place and the winner of my burger adventure is the “Kahuna”. It has everything. And as I already mentioned, I like pulled pork and this one has the best.

And at the end of this blog we have to talk about a second food topic in Devon, cream tea. There is NO difference in putting the cream on the jam or the jam on the cream. It tastes exactly the SAME. But I have to say that it is just inefficient to put the cream on the jam. You can not spread the cream on the jam, it will stick to your knife or spoon and it’s just stupid.

If you will ever come to Exeter try this burger list, eat your scones the right way and attend the food festivals if there are any.

Enjoy. Guten Appetit