BEEP Torbay - helping young people in our community achieve their potential

Over the last two weeks, six young people from Torbay have been on a confidence-building journey of identifying, understanding and looking to achieve their potential.

The programme was run by BEEP (Business Empowering Employment Programme), our chosen charity of the year, and held at the Torbay Business Centre. During the programme, participants had an opportunity to identify who they are, build confidence, self-esteem and develop meaningful connections with mentors.

The programme culminated with a presentation event, held at the Imperial Hotel, where participants presented to a room of people, including mentors and supporters from local businesses, about their experience over the last fortnight. To anyone, presenting in front of a crowd can be a daunting experience, so it was fantastic to see participants overcome anxieties and present, answer questions and conduct themselves fantastically well. It was a reminder of the fantastic opportunities BEEP provide to young people in the area and we hope the first Torbay programme is just the beginning.

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