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5 benefits to working in another country

Over the last few weeks, we've been heading out to universities and colleges, talking to UK students about future internship opportunities around the world. From first year students looking for a short work and travel opportunity in the summer, to soon-to-be graduates looking for a professional internship that will make the difference in today’s competitive job market, it's great to hear about about people's journeys and career goals.

There are many benefits to experiencing life and work in another country, here are 5 great reasons:

Learn a language

With English being so universally spoken, it may be hard to gain language skills on a short trip. But on a longer trip, this becomes a positive. Almost all of our programmes do not require another language, but being immersed in another country and culture for a long period of time offers a fantastic opportunity to pick up a new language extremely quickly.

Learn from the best

Not limiting your location, means you can find the very best experience related to your career. For example, our agricultural programmes in Australia and the USA offer great experience in large-scale farming techniques, processing and infrastructure that may be hard to come across in the UK.

A longer and more meaningful experience

Travelling is an amazing experience, but as the days and weeks pass, savings can soon slip away. spending a little longer in a place working means you can really get to know a place.

Gain academic credit

Many universities grant credit for independent study, experiential learning, community service or internships – so the experience could also be academically worthwhile.

Discover who you are

Leaving your comfort zones and experiencing something totally new is a great way to discover more about yourself and provide focus for future career steps.