2018 feedback results

We think feedback is vitally important in continuing to provide superior programmes and every year we review overall results. We’re delighted to say that 2018 was the year of our highest feedback to date – here are the scores based on 640 questionnaire responses from participants on our unpaid, paid and study visit programmes…

  • 98% of participants would recommend us
  • 8.97 average customer service score out of 10


Work Placement

Score: 4.35 average rating out of 5

“There’s every day something different to do and every day is a new challenge ... I’ve improved my creativity, my patience and my precision, my flexibility in doing many different jobs and also my English.” Carlotta, Italy

“Great working environment and I’ve been very well treated since the first day. I’ve learned so much about what I’m studying.” Laia, Spain


Host Family

Score: 4.52 average rating out of 5

“My host family has been wonderful with me ... We have had a lot of interaction through different activities and daily life. They have welcomed me as if I were a member of their own family.” Laura, France

“The family is very friendly and kind. My needs regarding gluten free food have been satisfied in a very accurate way. I enjoyed spending the evenings talking with my host parents. The accommodation has always been very clean.” Luisa, Italy


Welfare & Support

Score: 4.39 average rating out of 5

“TTPL organises excellent activities for foreign students and is always willing to help in whatever need.” Leticia, Portugal

“TTPL was always supporting me in every way. They helped me to get in touch with other students, organised fun activities and answered all my questions.” Kim-Eileen, Germany


Click here for an infographic of full results

We’re thrilled that 2018 results are so positive and think it’s a testament to the ongoing partnerships with our fantastic work placement providers and host families. A big thank you to all the wonderful people we’ve worked with in 2018 and let’s hope 2019 is another record-breaking year!