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Health & Safety

Your health and safety is our priority. TTPL has a duty of care towards our trainees, as do our work placement companies.

Companies with TTPL trainees must:

Have a clear Health and Safety policy which is displayed in the work space & provide a H&S checklist to TTPL as evidence of adherence to legislation.

Abide by UK Health and Safety legislation by maintaining their Public and Employers’ Liability insurance cover.

Provide a full induction for the trainee that includes as a minimum: 

  • Tour of the premises
  • Introduction to their direct supervisor and work colleagues
  • Explain fire safety procedures
  • Demonstrate any personal protection clothing or equipment needed
  • Introduce any Health and Safety and First Aid personnel
  • Indicate where the First Aid Kit is located
  • Confirm hours of work, including rota systems and breaks
  • Introduce any essential policies, procedures or practices
  • Explain what to do in the event of sickness or other absence
  • Explain the management structure
  • Discuss how and where their work placement fits into the company
  • Complete any required company paperwork
  • Confirm main tasks, responsibilities and limits to their responsibilities
  • Any other instruction or training they may need to fulfil their role

Do contact us if you are unsure or want to talk through any health and safety aspects or if you have any specific needs.