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What are work experience programmes?
A work experience programme is an unpaid placement with a local employer where you will be treated as an employee and allocated tasks specific to your programme objectives.

What vocational sectors are available? 
Many sectors are available and if we do not have an employer in the sector you wish to work in then we will do our best to find one. Click here for a list of popular sectors.

How will you find the work placement that best meets my requirements?
Answer all questions on the application form as thoroughly as possible and be specific about what you want to do. Give us lots of information in your letter of motivation too – we use these documents as the basis for our placement search.

What payment can I expect for working in the company?
None, all professional work placements are unpaid.

What will my hours of work be?  
Normally Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm, Thursday afternoon is free for the weekly social meeting.

What level of English do I need to undertake this experience?
Usually B1 is necessary but we do have placement providers who will accept A2.

How can I measure my English level?
Click here for an English Language assessment guide.

Can I work with my friend?
Sometimes we will place more than one participant into a work placement.

When can I apply and start my work experience?
Whenever you wish, we are available 52 weeks a year.


What if my plane/train/bus is delayed?
Don’t worry, we’ll give you an emergency contact number for TTPL and you will have the contact details of your accommodation provider. Please contact us and them and inform us of your new expected arrival time.

How far is the nearest airport?
Exeter is approximately 40 minutes away, Bristol is less than 2 hours and London can be reached within 4.5 hours.

What do I need to bring with me?
Passport, EHIC, insurance details, clothes specific to your placement (this info will be provided), towels and all other necessities for your stay.

How will I know where to go?
We will provide a welcome pack upon your arrival which will have all the information you will need.

Do I go by myself to work?
A  member of TTPL will accompany you to work on your first day and introduce you to your supervisor before starting work. Travel details to and from work are supplied in your welcome pack.


What happens if I need a doctor or dentist?
We will assist you to find one and make an appointment.

Can I drink the tap water?

Can I use my mobile?
You can but it will be expensive, you may find it cheaper to purchase a UK Sim or phone whilst here.

Will my family have Wi-Fi?
Yes our families usually all have Wi-Fi. We know how important this is for keeping in touch.

If I have problems with my homestay or placement what should I do?
Speak to a Student Support Officer. They can be contacted by email (, telephone (+441803 321210) or face-to-face at a student meeting.

Will I meet other trainees?
Yes. We have a Language Café (a weekly evening meeting at a bar or café, usually a Tuesday in Torquay & Wednesday in Exeter) and a weekly social meeting on Thursday afternoons. These are great ways to get to know other people on placements with us.

Can my partner visit me?
Yes of course but you must first check it is OK with the host family and work placement. Time off should be agreed with your work placement.

Who will I be living with?
This depends on the type of accommodation you would like. Usually we place participants in a host family so that you can constantly improve your English.

Can I arrange the accommodation myself?
No, we usually ask that you stay in TTPL organised accommodation. However, we do sometimes agree that hospitality participants can move to their own accommodation after 6 weeks.

Will I be assisted during my time abroad in case of any emergency?
Yes we are always available to help in any emergency.  You will be provided with 24/7 contact details and instructions on how to proceed if in any difficulty.


Contact a team member for more information:

Vicky Cresser

European Programmes Manager