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If your student should become ill, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible.
You may be asked to take the student to a pharmacy and proceed according to the pharmacist’s opinion. If a doctor’s appointment is required, you should take the student to your own family doctor and there may be a charge which the student should pay. Students will be asked to complete a Temporary Residents form at the surgery.
Should they need to see a dentist then treatment will have to paid for at the time of the visit. Where possible we ask that you take them to your family dentist.
TTPL can help arrange emergency doctors and dental appointments and accompany the students if required.
Equality and diversity
We recognize that discrimination is unacceptable and therefore TTPL adopts a non-discriminatory approach to the recruitment of host families. Likewise, host families should adopt a similar approach to all students they host.
   Why do you prefer to host students from TTPL?
A “I’ve built a good relationship with staff at TTPL, never had any major issues with students, always receive good communication with TTPL who are always on hand to assist with any needs.”
Jo, Host Mother
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