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Our students’ safety is of paramount importance to us and we go to great lengths to ensure they are well looked after during their stay.
The majority of our participants are over 18yrs old and therefore considered adults but from time to time we host 16 – 17yr olds and extra consideration is needed to successfully host these young people. In this case we require that the main contact holds a current ‘DBS’ check and, additionally, we may also require ‘DBS’ checks for all other adults in the household. If DBS checks are required then normally this would be at the host’s expense.
It is a legal requirement that all host families have gas appliances checked annually by a ‘Gas Safe’ registered engineer and provide a gas safety certificate to us every year. Additionally, it is essential for all host families to have fully fitted, regularly tested working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.
If you have any concerns at all regarding your student or a family member whilst you are hosting then please do not hesitate to contact us immediately. Although unlikely this could relate to any kind of abuse (e.g. physical, sexual, emotional bullying, discriminatory, financial or material, radicalisation/grooming or neglect by omission).
If your student fails to return home as expected and you have been unable to contact them, please inform TTPL immediately.
TTPL operates a 24-hour ‘Emergency Phone’ 0773 6814 499
This is a mobile phone held on rota by TTPL staff in their own time and therefore should only be used where there is a concern about a students’ safety or well-being. If your concerns are not an emergency then please contact us by telephoning during office hours or by email. If your student has gone to visit another area (e.g. Bristol, London), and there is an Emergency Incident in that area, please inform TTPL immediately by telephoning the office or calling the emergency phone.
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