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Students should supply all of their own food and drink and be given dedicated space in your cupboards and fridge to store food in the kitchen.
Please ensure that they are shown how to use the cooker, microwave
and kettle etc. safely and make them aware that they must clean up after themselves each time. This may be the first time they have been responsible for their own catering and so may need your guidance initially. If you are concerned about the diet of your students then please let us know so we can offer support.
It is not unusual for Europeans to eat late in the evening and so access to the kitchen should not be restricted at this time.
“Students arrive as strangers and leave as friends. Our
house feels alive when we host students.”
Phone calls, internet and money
Sue, Host Mother
Most students now bring laptops and mobile phones with them for communicating with their families and friends both at home and here. Therefore they will need access to the internet via your home Wi-Fi. Please check in advance with your provider that this is not going to incur any additional cost to you.
We advise our students to purchase a UK SIM card to keep costs down and please remind them to exchange numbers so you can communicate easily by text and phone.
You should not lend money to a student. If they have any money problems then please ask them to contact TTPL Student Support Officers.
Please talk to your students at the outset and explain the laundry arrangements for the duration of their stay. If necessary, please ensure they are fully aware of how the washing machine works and drying arrangements (outside line or tumble dryer).
Some students may need assistance at first if they are not used to doing their own washing. You are not expected
to do their ironing but they must be allowed to use your iron etc.
You will be required to do the students’ washing, to include clean bed linen and towels on a weekly basis. If you prefer, by agreement you can allow the students to do their own laundry, in which case you should supply all of the washing powder etc.
Students must be allowed to use your washing machine etc. but should supply their own washing powder. Please provide clean bed linen and towels weekly or, alternatively, provide 2 sets on arrival so they can change these themselves regularly.
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