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HOST FAMILY GUIDELINESPhone calls, internet and moneyMost students now bring laptops and mobile phones for communicating with their families and friends both at home and in the UK and will need access to the internet via your home Wi-Fi. Please check in advance with your provider that this is not going to incur any additional cost to you.We advise our students to buy a UK sim card to keep costs down and please remind them to exchange numbers so you can communicate easily by text and phone.Generally, using the home phone is not an issue as students use their mobiles and laptops. However incoming calls may be requested for parents to call and we suggest these should be arranged at a time to suit you. Should there be a need to make an outgoing call, then you should agree a rate at the time or use Reverse Charges.We recommend that, as a precaution, all computers, phones etc. in the household should be password protected. Students must ask for your permission before using your personal computer and this is at your discretion.Students may wish to entrust you with some of their money and passports etc. to avoid possible loss. If you are willing to accept personal belongings, please give a signed receipt to avoid misunderstandings. You should not lend money to a student. If they have any money problems then please refer them back to us.IllnessIf your student should become ill, we ask that you inform us immediately.You may be asked to take them to a pharmacy and proceed according to the pharmacist’s opinion.If a doctor’s appointment is required, you may take the student to your own family doctor and there may bea charge which the student should pay. Students will be asked to complete a Temporary Residents format the surgery.Should they need to see a dentist then treatment will have to paid for at the time of the visit. We ask that you take them to your family dentist.We can help arrange emergency doctors and dental appointments and accompany the students if“I absolutely love it. I get young people from all over the world coming to stay with me and I keep in touch with them when they leave. I’ve beento the wedding of an Italian student who stayed with me and another has just got engaged. At Christmas I getso many cards from them all. It’s lovely to keep in touch.”O Williams – Host MotherDamagesTTPL is not responsible for any damages incurred by students during their stay. You should advise your insurance provider that you are hosting students and ensure adequate insurance cover is in place.Should an incident arise then please inform us and we will endeavour to assist you to resolve the issue.6 TTPL Host Families

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