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  Arrivals and departures
Host families are required to meet their students on arrival, usually at the local bus or train station. Since this can be a stressful time it is important that they are made to feel welcome. We will advise you in advance of the arrival details, however there are often last minute changes due to travel delays and we will provide the student with your contact number so they can let you know of any changes directly.
Similarly, we expect you to take your student to the coach or train station when it comes to the time for them to depart.
If you are unable to transport your student on arrival or departure then please let TTPL know in advance so we can advise the student and arrange for a taxi. Please be aware the taxi cost should be met by you and, for arrivals, an adult must be at home to welcome the student.
Should a student need to leave before their allocated date (due to change
of work placement, illness, a family emergency etc.), you will be paid up to and including the final night that they stay (sleep) in your accommodation. Occasionally this may happen very quickly but we will endeavour to give as much notice as circumstances allow.
 Student expectations
■ Stay in a friendly, clean home, with Wi-Fi access
■ Receive a key and be free to come and go as they choose
■ Participate in family life e.g. enjoying family meals and being able to chat to their hosts to improve their English
■ Be met on arrival by their hosts
■ Meet new friends and explore the
area and social scene
■ Have a full size bed (bunk beds/
camp beds/futons not acceptable)
■ Have sufficient storage and
hanging space for their clothes
■ Have a clean bathroom with a shower and be sharing the
bathroom with no more than 3 other people (host family included)
■ Live within a reasonable commute of the work placement
■ Enjoy a ‘real work’ experience to improve their language and work skills and, in turn, benefit their future by enhancing their CV and employability opportunities.
■ Feel supported by TTPL, who have a dedicated Student Support Officer and 24-hour emergency phone: 0773 6814 499
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