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   4 TTPL Host Families
First days
Please remind your student to contact home to let them know of their safe arrival and help them with this if necessary. All students will receive welcome information either by email or by post to your address. Please ensure they understand their instructions and help them find their way around the area (local bus information and route home etc.).
Please ensure you exchange contact details with your student so you can stay in touch. Please take time to show the student around your home and explain clearly any house rules, coordinate bathroom times etc. Cultural and language differences may make it difficult for students to adapt to living in your home at first but your patience and understanding will ensure a smooth transition.
All students should be provided with a key so that they are free to come and go as they choose and please ensure they are familiar with the locks and security (e.g. closing windows) of your home.
Students will be invited to a welcome meeting which they must attend, normally held on the first working day after arrival. Please help them make their way to the meeting (normally TTPL offices) and, if applicable, their language training (normally held at a local language school or TTPL offices). All details of these arrangements will be found in their welcome letter.
TTPL holds regular meetings and social events, usually on Tuesday evenings and Thursday afternoons. This is an opportunity for your students to meet new friends as well as speak to TTPL staff about any concerns they may have.
Since most of our students are adults, there should not be a curfew but we do ask that they return home quietly and respectfully if late at night. If they are planning not to return home then they should inform you. If they are under 18 then they should return home no later than 11pm or the last bus home, whichever is earlier.
Under 18s may not stay out overnight without prior consent from TTPL – please contact us to confirm consent has been obtained.

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