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Payments/tax contributions
Payments will be made at the agreed rate according to the actual number of nights the students stays in your accommodation. Any change of departure date should be advised to TTPL as additional nights will not be paid unless authorised in advance.
Host families should submit invoices, as per the template provided, on a 2-weekly basis in arrears and payment will be normally be made within 7 days of receipt. Please allow 3 working days for bank payments to be received.
Under no circumstances should you discuss the payments you receive from TTPL with the student as this information is confidential between ourselves.
As a host family you are responsible for your own declaration of earnings to the Tax Office for monies paid to you by TTPL.
  Data protection
■ All personal data provided by you to TTPL will be held securely in accordance with current legislation. Some details may be shared with related parties as part of the booking process, e.g. your prospective student, their Sending Agent and their Work Placement Provider.
■ Once you cease to be a Host family for TTPL your personal information will be deleted from our active hosts data system, however we may continue to hold your personal information on our archive system for up to 10 years in order to comply with audit requirements.
■ Please contact if you have any questions relating to your data.
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