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Bookings are normally offered to you by email or telephone and your acceptance of the booking within 24 hours is appreciated.
Please be aware that due to the nature of the business these bookings are likely to be at much shorter notice than a traditional language school.
Priority for bookings is given to families who accept bookings from us all year round especially in the busy summer months.
Bookings are made at our discretion and there is no obligation on either party to provide or accept such bookings. Bookings may be amended or cancelled by TTPL at any time.
Occasionally, students ask hosts if they can make a private booking with them to extend their stay and if this situation occurs please ensure this is organised via TTPL. If such arrangements are made privately between yourself and a student then TTPL will not be able offer any further bookings to you.
TTPL is not responsible for any damages incurred by students during their stay. You should advise your insurance provider that you are hosting students and ensure adequate insurance cover is held. However, should an incident arise then please inform us and we will endeavour to help you to resolve the issue.
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