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1234Discover who you areOur focus is on your whole experience – quality learning, friendships made and experiences gained. That’s what makes for an unforgettable time, and that’s what you get from a TTPL programme.Great Global networksWith more than 70 partners around the world built up over 20 yearsin the industry, we know the best programmes to offer, the ones that really will give you what you’re looking for.Location, location, locationWe know that you want a programme that offers you learning, new skills and a language boost, but we also know that different people want different cultural experiences. That’s why we’ve developed such a comprehensive range of programmes that span the globe – something for everyone!Support and guidanceWe are available to help with the small stuff and the big. If you have an emergency then we’ve got a 24-hour number you can call and if you just have a question we’re an e-mail or phone call away.Our local hosts in each country will be there for you too if you need assistance.It works!Time and again our returning participants have told us how they could not have made the next step or been as successful in their job searches without the experience abroad. There is no doubt that an international programme makes you stand out from the crowdand gives your cv the boost that employers are looking for.5“My time abroad was invaluable, it’s helped me hugely in gaining my current job as a digital recruiter in London as its an example to employers of ambition and life experience. The service offered by The Training Partnership was fantastic, from the organisation of my travel, work placement and living arrangements, to the consistent communication whilst I was on placement- always offering help and advice. This was an adventure I’ll never forget, andI believe the experience of living and working abroad made me return a more mature person, giving me confidence in my future endeavours.”Aidan Kirkwood

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