A Home From Home


How many trainees can I have at one time?
This depends on the size of your house and the number of bathrooms available. Normally a maximum of four trainees in one house and limited to four adults per bathroom.

Are bunk beds acceptable?

What furniture do I have to provide in the bedroom?
We will only accept a full sized single or double bed with a decent mattress (no camp beds or futons), a wardrobe and a chest of drawers (minimum).

How often can you provide me with students?
We have students all year round however it depends on where the students are working as to where they can be accommodated. In the winter time we give priority to hosts who accept our students in the busy summer months.

How much notice will I get of bookings?
Due to the nature of our business some of our bookings are likely to be at much shorter notice than language schools who tend to block book in advance.

Do we have to provide a packed lunch everyday even weekends?
Yes if full board. Some families like to offer a traditional English breakfast on a Sunday which tends to be served late in the morning and can be counted as a brunch. You will need to speak to your students to find out what their weekend plans are and find out if they require a packed lunch.

If I book a holiday can I leave a student in the house alone?
If a student is staying with you on a full-board or half-board basis then you must be at home to provide meals every day for our students.
If you take a mature student on a self-catering long-term basis then as long as you are confident about leaving them in your house alone and the student is happy with the arrangements too then this is acceptable.  However you must inform TTPL about this arrangement.  

Do I have to entertain the students by taking them on trips?
Most of our students arrive as part of a group and prefer to go out and explore the area with their friends however if you are planning a day out and you are happy for your student to join you then that would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t have a car so can I still have a student?
We expect our hosts to meet their students on arrival at the local coach or train station and again when they depart. If you do not have your own transport available then we can arrange for a taxi to collect/drop off a student but this cost must be met by you.

Do we have to take the students to work?
No, we take every student to work on their first day and provide information on getting to and from the work placement by walking or bus.

How often should I do washing for students?
Ask your students to give you their washing at the weekend or once a week to suit you. You will also need to provide clean bed linen and towels weekly.

Should I provide toilet rolls for self-catering students?
Yes. Self-catering students will buy their own food and drink.

What time should students be home for if they go out in the evening?
As long as a student is over 18 years old then they are adults and do not need a specified time to be home. Please provide them with a key so that they can let themselves in when they return home. On occasions we have students under 18, these students require extra consideration and we recommend a curfew of 11pm during the summer months (or by the time of the last bus). TTPL must be contacted immediately if any student fails to return home and cannot be contacted by phone.

Contact a team member for more information:

Andrea Tolson

Accommodation Officer