A Home From Home

Jo (Torquay)

How long have you acted as a host family with TTPL?
Since 2005

Why do you prefer to host students from TTPL?
Built a good relationship with staff at TTPL, never had any major issues with students, always receive good communication with TTPL who are always on hand to assist with any needs.

How quickly do they settle in?
Very quickly, usually takes a couple of days to settle in and familiarise themselves with surroundings

How do they adapt to British life? Does anything ever catch them out or strike them as odd-British TV, cooking, the weather?
I think most adapt well, sometimes the weather (rain) can irritate them slightly but that is understandable. The public transport system can be a bit of a mine field for them as the upcoming stops they will make aren't announced or displayed as they are in European countries.

Do you think your family benefit from having an overseas student stay with you? If so, how?
Yes, very much so. I still have contact with my very first student from TTPL 9 years ago, we became very good friends. I  attended her wedding in Cadiz, Spain and she returned to England to attend mine. She now has a little girl who I hope will come to England one day. We communicate regularly via Whatsapp and Facebook. My Step-son, Zac, enjoys learning words in different languages, this can act as a great ice-breaker.  I can say that I keep in touch with most of my students via social media and have made some very good friends.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to a new Host Family?
Enjoy the experience of having students, always communicate with students and TTPL. When talking to them ensure that they have understood what you have said, make clear the house rules and expectations of the student within your home e.g. noise, respect for other house members, coming in at night and time spent in the bathroom. I use meal times as the opportunity to talk with the students about their day and gauge if they have any problems.